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As a Tax Collector in Miami-Dade, I am committed to serving our community with integrity, transparency, and dedication. Together, we can create a tax system that works for everyone, fostering prosperity and opportunity for all residents. Your support fuels our mission to build a better future for Miami-Dade County. Let's make a positive difference together.

Dariel Fernandez

With years of experience serving the residents of Miami-Dade County and a proven track record of success, Fernandez is well-positioned to lead the Tax Collector's office into a new era of efficiency, transparency, and accountability. As a Board Member of the Miami-Dade County Community Council, Fernandez has demonstrated his dedication to addressing the needs of the community and finding practical solutions to complex challenges.

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Campaign for Miami-Dade County Tax Collector

Dariel Fernandez , 25.756303656797506, -80.25854598466047

Miami, Florida – 03/19/2024 – Dariel Fernandez, a dedicated community leader and current Miami-Dade County Community Council Board Member 10, has officially announced his candidacy...

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