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Miami, FL, 06/13/2024 – Dariel Fernandez, candidate for Miami-Dade County Tax Collector and current member of Community Council Number 10, expresses his deep concern over the recent arrival of a Russian Navy fleet to Cuba, which includes a nuclear-powered submarine and a frigate. This event marks a strengthening of ties between Russia and Cuba, two former Cold War allies.

"The presence of a Russian fleet in Cuba is an alarming development for our regional and national security," stated Dariel Fernandez. "History has taught us that the military influence of foreign powers in our region can have serious and far-reaching consequences."

Fernandez underscores the importance of maintaining security and stability in the Western Hemisphere, a region that has historically been crucial for the strategic interests of the United States. "The proximity of these military forces to our shores and the potential strengthening of military ties between Cuba and Russia must be closely monitored by our authorities," he added.

Furthermore, Fernandez called on local and national authorities to take immediate and appropriate actions. "It is crucial that we work in collaboration with our international allies to ensure that this situation does not escalate and jeopardize the peace and security of our region."

These exercises demonstrate the weakness of this Biden Democratic administration and reaffirm why Cuba should remain on the list of countries that sponsor terrorism. The permissive policy of the current administration has allowed oppressive regimes to strengthen their military alliances, endangering the security of our nation and our allies.

As an advocate for freedom and justice, Dariel Fernandez is committed to protecting the interests of the Miami-Dade community and ensuring that the voice of the residents is heard on matters of national security. "Our community, especially those of us who have suffered under communist regimes, understands the importance of maintaining our security and sovereignty," concluded Fernandez.

Dariel Fernandez will continue to closely monitor this situation and work with local and national leaders to ensure that necessary measures are taken to protect our community and our country.

About Dariel Fernandez Dariel Fernandez is a candidate for Miami-Dade County Tax Collector, a member of Community Council Number 10, and a Republican Commissioner in Miami-Dade's District 34. With a long track record in public service and a firm commitment to the values of freedom and justice, Fernandez is an entrepreneur and politician committed to improving the quality of life for Miami-Dade residents and defending the interests of the community.

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